Microneedling: Most Effective Way to Boost Your Collagen Naturally

  Microneedling  is a  minimally invasive  procedure that aims to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, loss of  elasticity , photo aging and scars by stimulating your own collagen and elastin.  Microneedling  has become a popular treatment for both patients and clini cians   because it is safe and effective for all ages and skin types.   Microneedling  is used  to create micro  injuries in to t he  outermost layers of  the  skin and  influences the release of your own growth factors and improves cell-to-cell communication.  Basically, the   goal is to create   a  controlled injury to stimulate  your   body’s own wound  healing  process  to help boost the formation of normal collagen without disturbing the skin’s barrier function which is vital for  optimal  skin health.  While considered  minimally invasive , it is extremely important to choose a qualified provider with training and experience in usin g   SkinPen ®  an  effective , clinically proven,   FDA  cleared device


        Take more supplements, eat more healthy food, get more exercise, sleep more. Not every aspect of wellness requires  more . In fact, one of the most powerful tools to maintain or regain health involves simply going without calories intermittently. Even better, it’s often free, saves time, and boost energy and focus.   Un surprisingly, many who chose to fast do so on their busiest days of the week.           Whether we’re lean or obese, damage accumulates in our cells as we age. These damage accumulations result in  heart and vascular disease, cancers, autoimmune diseases, arthritis, obesity, hormone disruption, physical aging, and dementia. We  can  all agree eating is pleasurable .  H ealthy eating prevents many diseases. Unfortunately, the phenomenally important process of repairing our cells, or autophagy (aw-TAH- fagee ), only occurs in the true fasted state. No supplement or exercise regimen can recreate the unique benefits of fasting.             So  what does intermittent